Wood Parquet Dance Floor Hire

The traditional wooden dance floor, avaliable for Weddings, parties & Corporate events. We also supply dance floors direct to marquee companies, other event & production comapnies, public houses, restaurants, hotels & clubs

The dance floor uses a special locking system, meaning we can assemble most sizes of floor in under an hour and it will never come apart during use.

Special care is taken to ensure our dance floors always look spectacular for your event, they'll be cleaned after every single use and are stored in a damp free environment.

For the hire of the Wood Parquet floor we charge 0.75+VAT per sq.ft. Setup & collection charges will be quoted on an individual basis - please contact us with your location and delivery/collection times for a full quote.

To work out the size you'll need, assume that 30% of your guests will be dancing at any one time. We've put together the table below to help you decide -

Total Guests Dancing Guests Size Cost
Up to 100 30 12ft x 12ft 108 + VAT
80 - 150 50 15ft x 15ft 168 + VAT
150 - 220 75 18ft x 18ft 243 + VAT
220 - 350 110 21ft x 21ft 330 + VAT
350 - 420 130 24ft x 24ft 432 + VAT
420 - 500 150 27ft x 27ft 546 + VAT
500+ 160+ 30ft x 30ft 675 + VAT

Please contact us for different dimensions and larger sizes.

Prices quoted are for hire only and do not include seup & travel costs, to contact us for a full quotation please click here or call on 01386 898 113.

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    Wood Parquet Dance Floor Hire
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